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There is a comparative table published in the history section of University of Minnesota’s web portal in relation to the so called Armenian Genocide about the population of Ottoman Armenians between 1914 & 1922. This table compares Ottoman Armenians living in Ottoman Empire in 1914 and in 1922. The first conclusion a person can arrive at by looking at this table, assuming that he or she uses this table as a reference point, is that Ottoman Armenians around 1.750.000 had been kiled between the years of 1914 & 1922.

The first question that comes to mind is whether this table was prepared by an academical institution or not and if so how many official or unofficial annexes referring to those years were used in the preparation of the table since there are no references given for the table. However the prime question indeed is why 1922 is mentioned and not 1919

To answer this question I need to share with you some of the official documents from US, British, Armenian and League of Nations archives. First of all let’s look at the population of Ottoman Armenians in North Syria in year 1916, the place that forms the basis of the ‘genocide’ claims where
supposedly Ottoman Armenians had been killed after exiled to.

The number of Ottoman Armenians present in year 1916 in North Syria after the exile had been quoted as 486,000 in the official letter sent to American Ambassador of Istanbul, Henry Morgenthau by American Consul of Aleppo.
The letter also mentions that this number had been verified by the Armenian Patriarch Vahran Tahmizian. This number of 486.000 is qouted only for the Ottoman Armenians exiled to North Syria and the letter continues to mention about the aid and care provided by the American charities to the Armenians in the region
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(US Archives State Department Record Group 59, from 867.48/271, Ara Sarafyan, United States Official Documents on the Armenian Genocide, Vol II, s. 112-113).

The prime official document proving the number of Ottoman Armenians living in the Empire after WW1 is another one from US archives though. This official American document qoutes the number of Ottoman Armenians living in the Empire after WW1 as 624,000 which is also confirmed by Armenian Patriarch Vartan Amirhanian

(US. Archives Nara, T1192 R2. 860J.01/395).
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Please keep the numbers in mind (624.000). By the way, Ottoman Armenians started to emigrate to Caucasus with the inception of WW1 in 1914. Although Ottoman Empire decided to relocate Armenians in above mentioned locations, Batumi Ambassador of Britain P. Stevens indicated that many Armenians were not even subject to obligatory relocation and were taken away by Russians to Caucasus in the report he sent to London on 25th Feb, 1916.
[Halaçoğlu, Armenians: Exile and Migration,p.84-85]

This is also confirmed in the report of British Lord Major Found which he wrote about 1915. 250.000 Armenians moved to Caucasus Armenia from Anatolia fighting against illnesses and war conditions.
[U.K.FO 96/205]

250.000 figure was confirmed in the report sent by Armenian National Delegation Chairman Boghos Nubar to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France in addition to the figure of 40.000 Ottoman Armenians being in Iran.

Archives des Afferes Etrangeres de France,
Serie Levant, Armenie, Vol. 2, folio 47-1918

According to an offical American document published in 1919, the number of Ottoman Armenians migrated to Caucasus had reached to 300,000.
[The Republic Of Armenia--A Memorandum , On The Recognition Of The Government Of The Republic Of Armenia, Submitted By The Special Mission Of The Republic Of Armenia To The United States-- Presented By Mr. Lodge,November 10,1919, Washington,Government Printing Office 1919]

The number of Ottoman Armenians migrated to South Russia is qouted as 70,000 within the same document.

The number of Ottoman Armenians migrated to Armenian of Caucasus had been indicated precisely as 400,000 by the Refugees High Commissioner Fridjof Nansen of League of Nations
(8th meeting of League of Nations 19th October, 1928).

November 1919 issue of National Geographic mentions of a 20,000 Ottoman Armenians residing in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Now let’s add all these number together.

624,000 in Ottoman Empire (American National Archives)
400,000 in Armenia of Caucasus (Fridjof Nansen-League of Nations)
70,000 in South Russia (Mr. Lodge Washington Government Printing Office)

40,000 in Iran (BoghosNubar-Archives des Afferes Etrangeres de France)

20,000 in Georgia (National Geographic 1919 Nov. Issue)
1,154,000 TOTAL

Without even questioning or examining the validity of the references of University of Minnesota, qouting the population of Ottoman Armenians as 2,133,190 in 1914, we conclude that 1,154,000 Ottoman Armenians were alive in 1921.

Anyone with a sane mind asks the same questions at this stage:

How come 1,500,000 Armenians had been killed in the so called genocide?
Does the University of Minnesota know mathematics?

I have two suggestions for the University of Minnesota:

1.They either prove the documents shown in this paper to be fake to avoid the powerless or weak position that many academical institutions have to go through because of their need for donations from different loby groups or,

2.They start taking calculus courses.

The mathematical conclusion we arrive at is that ‘History’ is not a discipline that can be used as a political exploitation tool as people see fit.

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