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1) January 27, 1973, in Santa Barbara, California, USA: U.S. citizen,Armenian origin,Gourgen Yanikyan assassinated Turkish General Consul Mehmet Baydar and Bahadir Demir.Yanikyan was sentenced to life imprisonment. 2) October 26, 1973 in New York City: Attempted a bomb attack Turkish Information Office.The bomb was found by police and defused on time. Yanikyan Commandos took the responsibility. 3) October 4, 1977 in Los Angeles: Professor Stanford Shaw who is unbiased and doing serious research on the history of Ottoman Empire was also the target for Armenian terror,his house was bombed by Armenian terror group 28's Armenian. 4) 11 August 1980, A group of Armenian attacked,near of the BM,the Turkish House. 5) October 6, 1980 in Los Angeles : Unknown perpetrators threw two Molotov Coctails to General Consul Kemal Arikan's house, Mr.Arikan survived with injured. 6) October 12 ,1980 New York City: A bomb was placed in front of the Turkish House,four pedestrians were injured .Armenian terrorist organization JCAG took the responsibility. 7) October 12, 1980 in Los Angeles : A Turkish-American's travel agent office was destroyed in Hollywood. Armenian terrorist organization JCAG took the responsibility. 8) February 3, 1981 in Los Angeles : Bomb experts defused a bomb in front of the Swiss Consulate,the perpetrators called and threatened on the phone,"until-Armenian- Suzy Mahseredjian release,the attacks will continue". 9) June 3, 1981 in Los Angeles: Because of the Armenian threats, Turkish Folk dancing group cancelled its concert in Los Angeles. 10) June 26, 1981 in Los Angeles: A bomb was exploded in front of the-Switzerland based-Swiss Banking Corporation office.The ninth of June Organization group took the responsibility. 11) August 20, 1981 in Los Angeles: a explosion occurred in front of Swiss Precision Instruments office,the ninth of June organization again took the responsibility. 12) November 20, 1981 in Los Angeles: in Beverly Hills,Turkish Consulate was attacked and severely damaged occurred in the building. JCAG took the responsibility.. 13) January 28, 1982 Los Angeles: Los Angeles General consul of TURKIYE Kemal Arikan was assassinated by two terrorists on the way to work. After the attack,19 years old Hamping Sasunyan was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. 14) 22 March 1982, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: Turkish Honorary General Consul Orhan Gunduz's gift shop was bombed, he was also threatened to be killed if he doesn't leave to duty. JCAG took the responsibility. 15) May 4, 1982, in Cambridge,Massachusetts, USA: Honorary General consul Orhan Gunduz was assassinated in Boston. The killer has not been caught. 16) May 18, 1982 in Tampa, Florida, USA: Turkish Honorary General Consul Nash Karahan's office was attacked. 17) May 26, 1982 Los Angeles: Swiss Banking Corporation office was damaged in a bomb attack. Four suspects were accused of links to the Armenian ASALA. 18) 30 May 1982, Los Angeles: Three ASALA members: Hratch Kozibioukyan 31, Siranouche Kozibioukyan 22, and Varan Chriny 29 were caught while placing a bomb in Canadian Airlines Cargo. Their aims were to create pressure on Canadian government to release three Armenian prisoners in Canada. 19) October 26, 1982 Los Angeles: Five JCAG members were accused for preparing an attack against Turkish Honorary Consulate in Philadelphia. 20) January 21, 1983 in Anaheim, California, USA: some hidden bombs accidently exploded in an Armenian store, this accident proved that how this type weapons were stored. 21) 29 March 1984, Los Angeles: ASALA had threat in writing to kill the Turkish athletes in the Olympic games. 22) 25 June 1984, Los Angeles: according to the receiving letter in the news office,in France,"All countries,companies,and individuals who will help to Turkish athletes in Los Angeles Olympics games will be attacked. 22 of 71 ARMENIAN AMERICAN TERRORISTS INCARCERATED IN USA. Of the 239 terrorist attacks, 71 were conducted by Armenian Americans. Twenty-two captured and incarcerated American Armenians include:Dikran Berberian, Los Angeles, JCAG,Vartan Chirinian, Van Nuys, ASALA Steven John Dadaian, Los Angeles, JCAG,Hratch Kozibioukian, Van Nuys, ASALA Siranouche Kozibioukian, Van Nuys, ASALA,Suzy Mahseredjian, San Francisco, ASALA Monte Melkonian, Dinuba, ASALA,Krikor Saliba, Los Angeles, JCAG Karnig Sarkissian, Los Angeles, JCAG,Harout Sassounian, Los Angeles, JCAG Hampig Sassounian, Los Angeles, JCAG,Viken Hovespian, Los Angeles, JCAG Vicken Tcharkhutian, Hollywood, ASALA,Viken Yacoubian, Los Angeles, JCAG Gourgen Yanikian, Los Angeles,Haig Balian, Ottawa, ASALA Haroutium Kevork, Ottawa, ASALA,Haig Karkhanian, Ottawa, ASALA Melkon Karakhanian, Ottawa, ASALA,Kevork Marachelian, Ottawa, JCAG Ohannes Noubarian, Ottawa, JCAG,Rafi Panos Titizian, Ottawa, JCAG

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Will you Turks stop lying and denying about the people you tried to exterminate from the planet! Your evil country butchered 4 million Christian Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks!