Wednesday, January 02, 2013

1449) Exclusive - First Time Release: Armenian Tashnak Party 1910 Report

The Armenian Tashnak Party Report by M. Warandian for submission to the Socialist International 's convention in 1910 in Copenhagen explains that the "Armenian had people organized a revolt in the village of Bitlis and the city of Van under the Turkish flag." In other words the report about the revolt was presented in 1910 -that is 5 years before the Dashnaks alleged a "genocide". . Download the Full Report . . We are releasing the Report "for the first time" (as far as we know), after being "finally translated in English". This report clearly confesses the preparations of Dashnagzoutiun for general revolt and collaboration against the well before the alleged genocide in 1919. Here are some excerpts: . . . It was almost the single organization; she did not play the verbal propaganda only against regime, she also decreed political acts. It made carry out number of spies and of governmental oppressors. It sentenced to death, between others, bloodthirsty Vali Ali Bey, governor general of Van; and when this one, escaping anger of fidaïs, escaped in Caucasus, our terrorists carried out the sentence of the committee of Horsebox, and fierce Ali Bey fell under bullets in Batoum (in 1907). . . . . During last three years, the party lived and grew in the stormy atmosphere of revolutionary battles. . . . . .Masses must be armed - at least partly- they must be prepared, educated by military means for offensive as for defensive. . . . . .The party "Daschnaktzoutioun" used this partial waking of the Muslim masses to push Turkish youth to the organization. Our friends tied narrow relations with elements aware of this youth. In Van and in the province, by our efforts, a Turkish committee was created in 1906. It adopted a program of political and economic action. It involved ideas socialists-revolutionaries. The Jeunes-Turcs of Van published their "Sabah ul Kaïr" weekly organ, which developed the basic principles of the socialism. As regards the future organization of Empire, they adopted by common consent with our friends, the principle of decentralization and the self-government of nationalities.. . . . . .In Turkey, it supported efforts of the party Young Turk (Jeune Turc), against the hamidian absolutism which he had fought for 20 years, alone, with the Macedonian revolutionaries... Dashnak Report, Geneva, 1910, Copenhagen.pdf

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