Friday, February 01, 2013

Letter to Embassy Magazine-Canada

EDITOR Embassy Magazine 69 Sparks Street Ottawa , Ontario K1P 5A5 Re: “Facing Armenian-Turkish history or denying it?” by Armen Yeganian, Armenia's ambassador to Canada, published August 3, 2011 Dear Sir, Why Do Armenians Still Embrace Aggression and Terrorism Today? I must disagree with Armenia's ambassador to Canada about his assertions. We cannot even agree on the numbers of Armenians who lived, got temporarily resettled, got killed in the process or perished due to wartime conditions during WWI. You cannot have 1.5 million Armenians dying when the entire population was 1.3 million. So, please stop this masquerade already! It doesn’t work! Never did! Never will! Armenian claims are insulting one's intelligence... You cannot report “…more than 200,000 Armenians killed…” in March 29, 1919 to Paris Peace Conference; state “600,000 Armenians killed” on an aid poster in America only two months later (May 1919) ; increase the number of casualties at will to 800,000 in New York Times the next year,; claim a million dead in 1970s; 1.5 million in 1980s; 2 million in 1990s; 2.5 even 3 million dead in 2000s; and expect people to believe you! Dead do not multiply! Never did! Never will! You must start telling the truth: about 300,000 losses mostly by wartime conditions (epidemics, starvations, shortages, and more, very few by bullets… Really! ) And do not forget to add half a million Muslims, mostly Turks, met their tragic ends at the hands of Armenian nationalists under Russian, French, British, and Greek uniforms and no uniform at all. When you state the facts, the term “Armenian genocide” automatically becomes an oxymoron. You cannot make some inconveniences vanish into thin air, such as Armenian propaganda, agitation, terror in that order from 1882-1920; Armenian revolts from 1862 to 1920; Armenian treason from 1821-1921; Armenian territorial demands to establish the first apartheid of the 20th Century; Turkish victims at Armenian hands; Turco-phobia; Islamo-phobia, and more… (While at it, please read the letters of Boghos Noubar, head of one of the two Armenian delegations to Paris Peace Conference, and the 1923 Manifesto by Hovhannes Katchaznouni to see that it was war provoked, waged, and prolonged by Armenian nationalists and that the Turks were only defending their home.) You cannot go on with deception: fake Talat telegrams, bogus Hitler quote, doctored Vereshagin painting of pyramid of skulls, fabricated Mustafa Kemal newspaper interview, distorted Mustafa Kemal photos where puppies were replaced with dead children, fake photo featuring an alleged Ottoman official tainting starving alleged Armenian children ; and hundreds more. You cannot build solemn memory on lies and deceptions…Stop this senseless fraud! I know all of this is a big leap for Armenia, which is why I am suggesting a very small step, one that is already included in the frozen protocols of October 12, 2009: establishment of a commission of historians and opening of the Armenian archives (all of them, including the ones in Erevan, Etchmiadzin, Beirut, Jerusalem, Mekhitarist Church, Boston, Glendale, and elsewhere.) Until the facts are established, which may take decades, we can rebuild those millennium-old friendships all over again... Let the facts speak for all of us. Then we can achieve fair and lasting peace… No more deceptions, terrorism, or aggression. May love and peace win over hate and war one day… Ozer Aksoy Former President and VP The Federation of the Turkish Canadian Associations TORONTO,Ontario VP Turkish World Congress , New York NY USA

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